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Runner mid-top sneakers - Black Giuseppe Zanotti
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Discover LindwallReleasing With Heiko Selina Niedermeyer


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The Power of Releasing Retreats with Heiko Selina Niedermeyer


2 – 5 Mar2017 6 – 9 Apr 2017

At our retreats, you will experience Lindwall Releasing. A long weekend of releasing and clearing of your specific issues, old emotional pains and mental limitations that hold you back orsabotage your career, relationships and health.

Over the years, hundreds of people havelearnt Lindwall Releasing and have experienced the benefits that come with knowing.

You can be one of them.

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What is Lindwall Releasing ?

Ever wondered why certain issues or problems recur in your life?Perhaps sometimes you find yourself stopping short every time you approach success or happiness.

Lindwall Releasing works by identifying and assisting you to let go ofthese patterns or programs in your life that act as heavy weights or limits to achieving the success and happiness that you desire.

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I want to give a sincere shout out of gratitude to my soul mama and papa Heiko Selina Niedermeyer – The Power of Releasing. Learning how to release with them during my Saturn Return since last year has been one of the biggest personal investments I’ve chosen for myself.

Heiko Selina, I’ve come full circle since my work visa denial back in 2013, and realized sometimes the hiccups in life were so necessary for more learnings and growth. The amount of limiting beliefs and blocks I’ve released further on a deep deep level has created more miracles in my life then I ever imagined possible. Today, I prepare to move to LA soon as a PR – this next chapter is finally happening, and the best is I get more years to live and work in the States than a work visa would have given me. If I could summarize what I’ve learnt in short – is that amongst this gigantic universe we are a part of, I stand today humbly as human, remembering who I really am and discovering how blessed I am to be here. The amount of love, honesty and humility in my interactions with you, just inspires me to be like you two. I love you both so so much.

Realised her dream to work in the U.S. despite many setbacks.

“This morning when I woke up I had a couple of thoughts that were not serving me and I instinctively began to use releasing statements. For the next fifteen minutes in the shower I just kept using ‘I release….’ and ‘I embrace….’ and it was amazing the difference.”

Michelle Woo

My friend Karen says her son Christopher’s devotion to garbage trucks began when he was around 18 months old. He would go nuts whenever he saw one. Karen tried to turn his attention to toy trains since that’s what they had in the house, but he wouldn’t have it. Garbage trucks. That was it.

And so Karen went with it. On Monday mornings, they’d hear the familiar rumble and go— she’d strap Christopher into his carseat, turn on the engine and follow the shiny green truck marked Waste Management. The toddler would hand out granola bars and water bottles to the drivers, and watch them work (“They were celebrities to him,” Karen says). All day, he would talk about garbage trucks, draw pictures of garbage trucks and watch Eclyse sneakers Multicolour Stella McCartney SqhRbv
(“He learned all the different types,” Karen says. “There are front loaders, side loaders, back loaders.”) On his birthday, Christopher had a garbage truck cake. For Halloween, he dressed as a garbage truck. On Christmas, he got new shirts and PJs with garbage trucks on them. Karen stops there. “This sounds so crazy, I know,” she says.

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6/20/18 4:33pm

It actually doesn’t. Very specific obsessions are common in children—scientists call them “intense interests.” Kate Morgan writes about the phenomenon in the New York Magazine piece “ Era 85 pumps Red Saint Laurent ztJ8m7nmd5
” citing that almost a third of all children have an obsession like this at some point, typically between the ages of 2 and 6. More than fleeting kid-thrills, like chocolate ice cream for dessert, these fascinations emerge without parental encouragement, stick around for a relatively long period of time (in child-years, that is), and are pursued with fervor, often to a point where people beyond Mom and Dad start to notice. The subjects of interest can range from garbage trucks to excavators to this personal injury lawyer from New Orleans . According to Pumps amp; High Heels for Women On Sale Black Leather 2017 45 55 65 Coliac di Martina Grasselli Leather 4.5 5.5 6.5 Coliac di Martina Grasselli LNaEzQzSLo
, boys have intense interests much more commonly than girls.

Stop Teaching Your Preschooler How to Read

My daughter is onto me. As I read bedtime stories to her, sometimes I’ll stop, point to a word, and …

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And it’s healthy, experts say. Gaining mastery in a single subject builds confidence, and Morgan found that it has other intellectual benefits, too. She writes:

A 2008 study found that sustained intense interests, particularly in a conceptual domain like dinosaurs, can help children develop increased knowledge and persistence, a better attention span, and deeper information-processing skills. In short, they make better learners and smarter kids. There’s decades of research to back that up: Three separate studies have found that older children with intense interests tend to be of above-average intelligence.

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